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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Outdoor Game Courts



What is the best size for an outdoor Sport Court?
We have installed courts on everything from small driveways to multi-unit outdoor full size tennis court facilities. The size will depend on how much space you have available and which games you want to play on the court.

How much does a Sport Court cost?
An outdoor Sport Court can be built to accommodate any budget. Because a Sport Court can be built to almost any size with many different options it is impossible to give a general price. We need to know the size of the court and which options and components you want before we can give you a proper estimate. We can come to your house to measure your yard and discuss the various options with you. We can also provide you with computerized sample drawings which will show the layout and colour choices for your court.

What is the best sub surface for a Sport Court?
Concrete is the best (but most expensive) choice for a Sport Court. Some people use asphalt, which also works well and is slightly cheaper than concrete. Other people have used a compacted gravel base (the cheapest option) but this is not recommended for various reasons. It can work well, but it must be done properly.

What are the benefits of having a Sport Court?
It adds value to your home.
* Your kids will love it and you'll always know where they are.
* Our patented OrthoCush with Lateral Forgiveness suspended flooring is much safer to play on than concrete or asphalt.
* Up to 18 colours to choose from which can be combined to make unlimited designs.
* Low maintenance - no resurfacing, repainting or need to squeegee water off. The self-draining surface allows water to flow through.

How many different games can be played on a Sport Court?
You can play up to 16 different games on a larger court depending on the options and components you want to add on. A smaller court will be limited to fewer games due the size restriction.

Can a Sport Court be flooded in the winter to make a hockey rink?
Yes, you can make a hockey rink in the winter by flooding over the court tiles. This will require temporary boards around the edge of the court and the use of a plastic liner to contain the water so it can freeze. It can be done as simply as using regular lumber and plastic sheeting from your local building supply store, or there are companies in Canada and the USA that supply more expensive prefabricated rink components and kits.

What type of accessories and components can I add to a Sport Court?
Basketball systems.
* Tennis, Volleyball & Badminton Net Systems (these are combined into one system).
* Hockey Nets, Sticks, Pucks & Balls.
* Outdoor Lighting Systems.
* Rebounder Systems.
* Fun Packs (short court tennis rackets, paddle rackets, basketballs, volleyballs, low energy tennis balls, pickle balls, wiffle balls and an air pump).

What is the lifespan of an outdoor Sport Court?
Sport Court tiles have an average lifespan of 30+ years for both outdoor and indoor uses.

Can I install a Sport Court myself?
Yes, many people have done their own installations. It is best to contact us directly to find out more about doing your own installation.

How long does it take to install a Sport Court?
The time it takes depends on the size of the court and other add-on components that are being installed. In most cases the court tiles can be put down in only a few hours. The installation of the components can take a few days longer.




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List of Celebrities

that own a Sport Court

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