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SPSPORT COURT ALBERTA - Garage Floors, Basement Floors.RT CSPORT COURT ALBERTA - Garage Floors, Basement Floors.URT ALBERTA

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Sport Court Alberta, 20 Year Anniversary


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Trailer Floors


Car trailer flooring


Tough trailer flooring with Defense Tiles




Basements & Rec Rooms


2 basement rec rooms, Sport Court dark maple 2 basement rec rooms, Sport Court dark maple



Home exercise floor without equipment installed Home exercise room floor with equipment installed



Basement game court


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Basements, Garages, Office & Trailer Floors

Perfect for a Showroom floor. Tough enough for a Basement, Garage and Trailer!


If you park your beat-up old truck in your garage or your priceless vintage car, our garage flooring makes any vehicle look better. Our SportTread and Sportgrid garage floors also protect your concrete floor from stains and other automotive spills. They are easily cleaned and highly resistant to chemicals. If a tile ever becomes damaged they can be easily removed and replaced with a new tile in less than 30 seconds. Your concrete garage floors will never be stained with oil again and the tiles offer a comfortable work surface for the times when you need to work underneath your car. Office floors are tough and easy to clean.


Our Response & Defense tiles make an excellent cover for bare concrete basement floors and they can be easily installed by most home owners. These tiles have a solid smooth finished surface.


30' x 50' indoor basement basketball court

30x50 indoor basement Sport Court


Basement mini hockey rink with Response tiles.

Basement hockey rink with a Sport Court floor.


 Basement exercise room with Response tiles.

Basement exercise room with Sport Court Response tiles.


Garage, Trailers, Office and Basement Floor Tile PDF Links

Canadian Garage Floor Tiles Info

SportTread Info Sheet

SportTread Tile Specs

Garage Tile Install Guide

Response Tile Info *** Defense Tile Info

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Garage Floors

Garage Hockey Floor



Garage floor using outdoor deck tiles



Garage in Calgary, Alberta



Garage floor using outdoor deck tiles.



Basement Floors

Office floors and flooring



Sport Court basement



Basement with Response Maple tiles.



Basement Exercise Floor - Response 6.0 Tiles


basement laundry room floor Basement storage area floor.



Portable home dance floors for your basement



Basement hockey rink, Calgary, AB



Sport Court basement mini rink



Basement Basketball Court



36x54 basement gym

Hover your mouse over the tiles below for a description. Click photos to open full size.


SportTread Garage Floor tiles, 4-lock system, Daytona surface                                   Sportgrid Garage Floor tiles, 6-lock, checker plate surface                                   Sport Court Response 6.0 Basement Floors,Floor tiles, smooth surface