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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Gym, Dance & Exercise Floors


What types of dance can you do on a Sport Court floor?
A Sport Court floor is suitable for all styles of dance from tap, jazz, hip-hop and ballet. We have supplied many dance floors to professional dance studios across Canada and the owners and teachers especially like the sound the floor makes for tap. Many parents purchase a small floor for their homes for their kids to practice on. Our floors are also a good surface for doing many different types of aerobic exercises.

Can I put a Sport Court floor over my old floor?
Yes, our floors can be put directly over top of an old floor, carpet, concrete and wood. We also have an optional 1.5mm rubber underlay that is generally used when putting a Sport Court floor over concrete. The underlay also helps to reduce the echo effect in large gymnasiums.

Can a Sport Court floor be used for a home gym?
Yes, our floors a great for using as a home gym floor. The only thing you need to watch is that you don't drop heavy weights on the floor.

Can I install the Sport Court floor myself?
Most of our customers install their own floors even for large areas of several thousand square feet because it is so easy to do. They just snap together like Lego blocks. No special tools, nails or screws are required.

How do I clean a Sport Court floor?
A small home floor generally only needs mopping with soap and water. For gyms and dance studios that get heavy use we can supply concentrated liquid cleaners that are mixed with water and mopped on the floor. The various cleaners are applied on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly schedule. We also have a special cleaner for removing stubborn scuff marks.

What are the benefits of having a Sport Court gym floor, dance floor or exercise floor?
Safety and Comfort; Our patented Lateral Forgiveness and OrthoCush design helps reduce injuries to muscles, joints and bones for both younger and older athletes.
Long life span and low maintenance.
Portability; If you ever move to another home or move your business location you can literally take the floor with you.
Up to 18 different colours to choose from which can be mixed to make various patterns on the floor.


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